BNK provides comprehensive engineering and surveying services.

Maintaining the latest improvements in survey technology, BNK uses an integrated system of data acquisition, calculation, and drafting. Our field crews use electronic data accumulators (field computers), which receive the raw survey data directly from the electronic surveying equipment. This data is electronically transferred to BNK’s office computer system. Using this data, an efficient, accurate finished survey/mapping product is produced. Our fully integrated software system combines coordinate geometry, digital terrain modeling, and earthwork. All finished plats or maps are machine plotted to assure accuracy of scale and annotation. To assure accuracy and dependability; all field surveys, inside data processing and interpretation, are under close supervision of one or more of BNK’s Professional Land Surveyors.

Key Services

As-Built & Grading Plans
Boundary / mortgage
Boundary Line Adjustments
Condominium Plats and Plans
Commercial Construction Stakeout
Industrial Construction Stakeout
Residential Construction Stakeout
Easement & Rights of Way Surveys
Elevation Certificates
FEMA elevation certificates
GPS work
Grading Plans
House & Improvement Location Surveys
Record / As Built Surveys
Right-of-Way Surveys
Subdivision/Easement/Dedication Plats
Topographic Surveys
Wetland Locations

Bass, Nixon & Kennedy, Inc. Consulting Engineers


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